Maddy Grace & Colton James: Music and Hunting – A Family Legacy

Maddy Grace & Colton James: Music and Hunting – A Family Legacy

Hello, fellow outdoor enthusiasts and hunters! I’m Brian Stevens, and today I’m excited to share a story that combines two of my favorite things: music and the great outdoors. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Maddy Grace and Colton James, a sibling duo known for their enchanting music and their passion for hunting, thanks to their dad, James Bowman, and their grandpa, Jimmy Bowman.

The Family Tradition

Hunting is more than just a hobby for the Bowman family; it’s a way of life passed down through generations. James and Jimmy Bowman, both skilled hunters, introduced Maddy and Colton to the outdoors at a very young age. They grew up participating in youth hunts across Texas, learning how to track, shoot, and respect wildlife. These early experiences in the wild helped shape Maddy and Colton not just as hunters but as people who love and care for nature.

Maddy and Colton’s Outdoor Adventures

Maddy and Colton have been part of many hunting trips, especially youth hunts that are all about teaching kids how to hunt safely and responsibly. They both share exciting stories from their adventures, like early morning treks and the thrill of calling in a big buck. These experiences are not just fun; they’re also about family bonding and learning important life skills.

Colton’s Expertise in Duck Hunting

While both siblings enjoy all types of hunting, Colton has a special spot in his heart for duck hunting around Shreveport, Texas. He knows a lot about different ducks and can share fascinating facts about each type. For example, did you know that the Mallard Duck is known for its distinctive green head and can be found in many parts of Texas? Colton’s knowledge and skills make him a respected figure among local hunters.

Music Meets Nature – The Inspirational Crossover

You might wonder, how does hunting connect with music? For Maddy and Colton, the outdoors is a huge inspiration. The sounds of the forest, the peace of early mornings, and the stories from their hunts often find their way into their songs. Their music is like a bridge between the beats of nature and the rhythm of their guitars, creating songs that resonate with fellow outdoor lovers.

Community Engagement and Future Goals

Maddy and Colton are not just about hunting and music; they’re also active in their community. They help organize local hunting events, especially for kids, teaching them about safety and conservation. They plan to keep promoting responsible hunting and hope to inspire more young people to appreciate the great outdoors through their music and community work.


Maddy Grace and Colton James are perfect examples of how different passions can come together to create something truly special. Whether it’s through their music or their love for hunting, they continue to inspire and teach others about the beauty of following your passions.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Maddy and Colton as much as I enjoyed writing about them. Maybe their story will inspire you to mix your hobbies and share them with others, too! Keep following your passions, and who knows? Maybe I’ll see you out in the woods or hear a song that reminds me of the great outdoors.

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