Company Creates Machine to Convert Wasted Heat into Electricity

Studies have shown that there is a ton of residual industrial heat that is going unused. Companies have been attempting to create ways in which they could captured this left over heat and convert it into electricity. ElectraTherm is one of those companies that has been working on doing just that over the past decade. It appears the company has finally hit a homerun with the creation of the Green Machine system.
A close look at ElectraTherm’s Green Machine system leads you to believe it is just your run of the mill manufacturing generator. However, this is a machine that could save companies and possibly consumers tons of money in the near future. The concept is rather basic but the technology to make it happen is complex indeed. What ElectraTherm has done is create a commercial waste heat generator that converts wasted heat into electricity.

The company teamed with Southern Methodist University to make the vision a reality. The sole goal is to have a system that allows for a fuel free and emission free production of electricity. You would be amazed to learn how much heat is wasted on a monthly basis because companies are producing more heat than is actually needed. Converting it into electricity takes the loss that occurs when you lose this heat into another utility that we all need.

Conducted studies have shown that the Green Machine has been incredibly successful. The 50kW rig will payback the investor in the short period of three years of time. This is because it will cost a considerable investment to install the machine but the studies show that the company would be reaping the rewards of additional electricity and a lower cost within three years. Quite the amazing accomplishment that seems to be worth the investment.

ElectraTherm is inviting many of us within the industry for a tour of their facility and to see how the installation of the Green Machine takes place. We will then get a closer look at all of the data they have acquired and gain a bit more information on how the mechanical and technological aspects of the equipment tie in together. Stay tuned here for the latest updates over this amazing development in alternative energy production.

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